Monday, January 25, 2010

I Heart Faces - Texture

This week at I Heart Faces their weekly contest is -- TEXTURES -- I decided to go with natural texture instead of added texture in photoshop.

On family vacation this summer. We were visiting a museum with a barn. I wanted a picture of the barn wood. I begged my family for one more picture. My family was sick of the Mamarazzi. Therfore, Mamarazzi had to get in front of the camera and hand the camera over to a family member.

Visit I Heart Faces to see the other entries to this weeks theme and some tutorials on texture in photographs.


  1. It is always so important to get in front of the camera every once in awhile. What a lovely photo of you and nice use of texture. :)

    PS. I have to sign under my hubby because I don't have any of the signs required to submit comments. I'm Liz, not Paul hehe

  2. Great photo! I like the natural texture!