Monday, December 28, 2009

I Heart Outtakes!!

As with most photographers, trying to take pics of your own family can be the most difficult..
In order to create this wonderful Christmas gift for our family to enjoy for years to come.. I had to beg and plead, and practically stand on my head. See the many outtakes it took to get to this end.. Although they will be cherished for years to come too...

She is a comedian and she likes to try her act out on her mother when she is trying to take pictures.

Don't leave the big sister out of the fun... move over..

Now here is the real relationship...
Visit I heart faces for more outtakes...


  1. I love your letters. They look awesome. Your kids are adorable. I hope they did fill your house with joy on Christmas!

  2. ha--these are too cute! (you'll probably cherish the outtakes just as much as the finished product!)

  3. fun pictures! i'd use one of these for your christmas card next year :)

    you can check out my shots, too, if you want. feel free to visit anytime :O).