Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Face Photo

I have been trying to challenge myself and enter the weekly contests at I Heart Faces..

This week they are calling for your best face photo from within the last month. I have actually not been taking as many pictures as usual but rather focusing on getting some editing done and some other photography projects I haven't had time to get to..

I looked through the last months of photography..

Trying to get atleast a few Christmas Photos before we took the tree down, I snagged my family into taking a family photo. Of course the girls grabbed the kittens. They didn't cooperate to get in the family photo but I did get a few with each and girl and atleast one kitten each. These are probably the best two photographed kittens EVER!!

This picture, of my older daughter, caught me because its captures the little girl she is quickly outgrowing as she is blossoming into a beautiful young lady.

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